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According to the Wilson Center, twenty-five cents out of every dollar of goods that are imported from Canada to the U. Thus, he explains, Mexico imports more from the U. Walter Kemmsies, managing director, economist and chief strategist at JLL Ports Airports and Global Infrastructure, notes that that many of the job losses that are popularly blamed on NAFTA would likely have taken place even in the absence of NAFTA, in part because of growing competition from China-based manufacturers, many of which have taken advantage of currency manipulation by the Chinese government that has rendered China-made products more price-competitive in the U.

Look at Mexico and forget about everything else for a second: What is the single-biggest trade-flow corridor in the world? Mexico happens to sit right smack in the middle of the East-West trade flow…. Here is Mexico, with million people, and all of these abilities to draw raw materials…. You have a cheap labor force, a global geographic advantage, a rising middle class. International trade specialists M. Angeles Villarreal and Ian F. Between and , the U. While conceding that many U.

The agreement may have accelerated the trade liberalization that was already taking place, but many of these changes may have taken place with or without an agreement. However, the share of U. By , U. The degree to which it has happened in Canada is unclear and by extension, Mexico and the U. The opposite happens for those more capital-intensive products that go from the U. To the contrary - when measured by productivity, the U.

The economic impact of a (partial) NAFTA breakdown

It also expects the U. It mostly comes down to the consumer. As a country seeks to forcibly reduce its trade deficit, floating currencies will need to adjust. If the U. This can lead to the actions taken to cut the trade deficit to do the exact opposite. According to our results, the exchange rate depreciation of the Mexican peso more than offsets higher import costs.

Did Mexicans benefit from NAFTA?

Opponents of the free trade agreement had warned that Canada would become a glorified 51st state. While that didn't happen, Canada didn't close the productivity gap with the U. An honest assessment of NAFTA is difficult because it is impossible to hold every other variable constant and look at the deal's effects in a vacuum. China's rapid ascent to become the world's number-one exporter of goods and its second-largest economy happened while NAFTA's provisions were going into effect.

Meanwhile, Japan saw its share of U. Real U. The CRS quotes Hanson, who puts technology second behind China in terms of employment impacts since NAFTA, he says, is "far less important. The tech bubble's bust put a dent in growth. The September 11 attacks led to a crackdown on border crossings, particularly between the U. Finally, the financial crisis had a profound impact on the global economy, making it difficult to pinpoint one trade deal's effect. Outside of particular industries, where the effect is still not entirely clear-cut, NAFTA had a little obvious impact — good or bad — on North American economies.

That it is now in danger of being scrapped probably has little to do with its own merits or flaws, and much more to do with automation, China's rise and the political fallout from September 11 and the financial crisis. International Markets. Emerging Markets. Investing Essentials. Investopedia uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using Investopedia, you accept our. Your Money. Personal Finance. Your Practice.

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